Evening Shows

As well as plenty to do in the daytime here in Tenerife, the evenings offers a multitude of entertainment and shows too.

Cheer on your knight and his jousting skills, be in awe of the gladiators, enjoy the musicals, explore the night sky and its stars or laugh at the comedy shows. And enjoy a dinner at the same time. The evenings in Tenerife are truly magnificent.

Evening Shows

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We will be waiting for you in a wonderful leisure park of 31.000 m2s with incredible views of the sea, routes of southern volcanoes and our majestic Teide to begin an unforgettable evening with a typical Spanish equestrian show.

Price €50.00

Medieval Night

The San Miguel Castle is an impressive construction of 6,000 square metres and made of Canarian canto stone, with principal towers of more than 16 metres in height and an extensive area of 20,000 square metres .From the moment you enter the grounds, you find yourself in an authentic medieval world.

Price €49.50

Showtime Live

This all inclusive spectacular evening is a fabulous variety show which has something for everyone, live singing, dancing, hilarious comedy and amazing illusions.

Price €48.00

Teide by Night

The original Teide by Night! An incredible and fascinating excursion you will never forget exclusively in 1 language!

Price €85.00